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Nutritional nurturance is self love in action

Losing those extra pounds on your midriff that threaten your health and mobility, make shopping a nightmare, and affect your self esteem is easy when you have simple nutritional know how and the support to follow through.  There’s just no need whatsoever to imagine you can’t do it because you absolutely can, and, you deserve to.  This is not about being skinny, it’s about the self love and self responsibility, that allow other changes in our lives to take place.

Feel you’re supporting everyones needs but your own?

Feel stuck and don’t know how to make the changes necessary to create flow in your life?

Feel frustrated but can’t figure out what you truly want or need?

Work with me to create the motivation and momentum you need to get back into your groove!

Since I started with Gillian, I learned how to increase my energy and daily focus through her excellent coaching and Tai Chi experience. The course worked towards creating and developing my visions to integrate into my daily life and working towards my overall bigger goals.  Gillian was excellent developing my creativity using inspirational talks and her knowlege to identify my goals and to focus me.  This was done through weekly support and her Tai Chi experience.  Gillian is a great teacher and I enjoyed the course very much.  Thank you Gillian
Michelle Ryan – Busy Mum and Nutritionist

I attended Gillian’s Are You Ready To Inspire course. I found the process to be transforming. I felt supported and inspired during and after the course. With Gillian’s help I managed to get out of my own way and truly believe that what I have to offer the community has value and that I am only limited by my own beliefs. I now believe I can do anything I want to. Gillian continues to support and inspire me.
Olive Walsh

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Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson

First female President of Ireland, then UN High Commissioner of Human Rights.  Mary Robinson is chair of numerous global organisations and founder and chair of Council of Women World Leaders.

Alice Maher

Contemporary Irish Artist Alice Maher works with combined materials. She is interested in how identities and gendered identities are constructed from the texture history and culture gives to artefacts that surround us.

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan is a talented and globally successful and sought after young Irish actress.  She has starred in such notable films as The Lovely Bones, The Way Back and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor

Recognised as the outstanding Irish athlete of her generation, this Olympic athlete, who specialised in boxing, has won every major tournament in her 60kg division.  Due to Katie’s outstanding ability, women’s boxing is now an Olympic sport.  She won Gold in the London 2012 Olympics when women’s boxing featured in the Olympics for the first time.

Gillian Treacy Tai Chi

Strength in Grace and Beauty

When we are living to our full potential, excited about projects and absorbed in living full throttle, we need to take care of ourselves by slowing down and meditating within our own essence.  This is where true power lies, where transformation happens and how the world comes to us.

  • Meditation 45%
  • Inspiration 65%
  • Action 45%


“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

~ Carl Sagan

For each one of us to BE, the universe had to be invented.  Think on this for a moment.  You and the universe are one.  The entire power, ingenuity, complexity, creativity, grace and beauty of the universe are yours because they are YOU.  Once this is understood, you stop feeling small and undeserving and instead being to work in tandem with the universe.  This doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing, it means doing somethings and allowing everything.  A rich life experience is your birthright, bringing forth your unique talents is yours for the asking.  Once we understand we are blocking this natural flow, we are free to live fully as ourselves.

To quote the eminent Dr Seuss! 

 “Today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than you.”


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