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What you seek seeks you ~ Rumi

I am a woman who has realized there is no such person as an isolated, helpless individual.  That I am a unique expression of the universe and, as such, have all the power and creativity of the universe within me.

Just as you do.

Although this is something I’ve known for decades somewhere in the subliminal realms of my psyche, it’s taken me time to grow into that, to fully embrace the reality of that absolute fact and what it means for all of us. 

A woman who knows the fullness of who she is is invincible.  The universe supports us as itself and it is we who minimize our grandeur, power and potential!

The journey to such realization has been rich in experience from madcap adventures, broken love affairs, disappointments, and celebrations; or to put it another way through births, marriages, deaths and everything in between.

Deepak Chopra puts that beautifully when he says “You and I are unique because we have walked through different gardens and knelt at different graves.”

Flinging my mind backwards in time throws up myriad scenes, some so crazy and exciting, some utterly heartbreaking, some dismally boring, others floating on the lightness of joy.

Each nuance and episode has provoked my curiosity to study this marvellous existence, and has led me to explore creativity in the various ways which beckoned at each stage.

Through an indepth study of photography I engaged with so much more than I ever could have imagined – it offered up, not only beauty and the chance to look at the people and world around me, but presented the chance to study the deep complexity of perception and identity.  I began to understand how our self-image, and therefore behavior, is shaped. I realized that reality is mutable, that we are trained to perceive ourselves as so much less than we really are, and to shrink our capacities accordingly.  This understanding and ways to break through social conditioning was deepened through studying Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Energy Work, Tai Chi and Business, with people who understand the true nature of reality, and the immeasurable opportunities for expansion life offers.

Throughout I danced (well), laughed (a lot), cried (sometimes too much, often, not enough) and sang (alone in the car or the shower, to the eternal gratitude of all!), and learned loads.  As I grew I learned to be discerning in friendship, nurturing in motherhood, vulnerable in love and resilient in grief.  While having my heart blown wide open through supporting my beloved friend Dolores and husband Kieran through cancer, ‘death’ revealed to me that while the pain of loss is real, ultimately Life and Love are the only realities.

I bring intuition, a sense of fun, curiosity and life experience to my work, teaching and facilitating workshops with groups and individuals.  Inspiring others to know themselves and expand into their true greatness is my passion.

Like you, and like Shrek (didn’t you just love it when Princess Fiona didn’t revert to the ideal “Princess” stereotype in the Church!!!), I’m an onion. – “I’ve got layers, donkey!” – capable of giggling and frolicking or getting deep down serious depending on the occasion.  Mostly though, I’m just really, really, interested in Life, Love and our potential for happiness.