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For aeons people have sought to understand the nature of Self and existence formulated through such basic questions as: Who am I? Why am I here? What is this? These are the eternal questions that the perennial wisdom teachings seek to answer or, at least, point to. All beings having ‘reached’ Self Realisation say it is impossible to articulate the realisation directly. Self Realisation, knowledge of Truth, or of Self, can only be pointed at. Each body/mind has to Wake Up to Truth; That which cannot be learned.  Truth is what one becomes; what one already IS beyond the minds conditioning. Self Nature cannot be accessed through the opinions of others, or by merely reading texts or listening to talks or taking the word of others.  It is not an intellectual endeavour and is its own fulfillment.

Truth is the most intimate experience of Self and therefore necessitates, becoming one’s own authority.

Douglas Harding is one such who, having discovered True Nature, sought to share the means to accessing this Realisation as immediately and intimately as possible. Having awakened in his early thirties, he devoted the rest of his life to developing experiments through which others could directly experience Self. Having direct experience of the efficacy of Douglas’ experiments I enjoy sharing these with sincere seekers of Truth.


In order to get a sense of the experiments, you can check out and begin to experiment yourself. It is important, as so many have said before, to not only read about the experiments, but to actually do them, and, of course, to experience them in a group setting is exponentially profound.

Talking about Realisation immediately takes one into the territory of philosophy which is the minds territory, and will keep one endlessly circling in a futile loop of feeding the ego/mind, therefore, direct experience becomes a more fruitful way of sensing into what is offered; into who one already IS.




“What you seek is the one who sees “

St. Francis of Assissi


10am – 1pm Sunday june 28th

4th Floor Studios old FAS building sullivans quay cork

€10 per ‘head’

contact for further details

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